Colorful plastic clipband reels


Clipband is a band intended for closing various kinds of packages. It’s mostly commonly used in the food industry for sealing bagged bread, coffee, tea or sweets. Two wires running along the edges make the clip extremely durable and remain aesthetic throughout the product’s period of use. Clipband tape is produced only from certified materials so it’s safe for use with food.


Twistband is a plastic band strengthened by a wire in the middle. It has multiple uses, for example for sealing packages with food, candles, decorations or snacks. It will do perfectly in the electrical sector protecting cables from getting entangled as well as in gardening fastening plants to supporting structures. Extremely solid and safe, our twistband can be used repeatedly without fear of wear and tear.

White and blue plastic twistband on a reel
Black cable ties

Cable ties

Cable ties (zip ties) have countless applications. They can be used for strapping billboards or organising electrical wires in cable harnesses. They are extremely popular in the construction sector – building and installations, and in widely defined industrial production. Moreover, they are an indispensable tool in every household and garden.

Cable glands

Cable glands are installation elements essential in the electrical industry They are used for sealing the inlets and outlets of housings of electrical devices – e.g. electrical cabinets, switchboards, electric motors and light fixtures – while allowing the cables to pass through. They are very durable and resistant to shocks and impacts in addition to protecting the wiring in boxes from water and dust. They also protect the cables from twisting, breaking and getting ripped out.

Cable glands
Cable tie mounts

Cable tie mounts

Cable tie mounts are the easiest way to route and organise wires and cables on any flat surface. We offer two types of cable tie mounts – self-adhesive and screwed. Our mounts are widely used by electricians, contractors, builders or photovoltaics or air conditioning installers. They are invaluable at both – work and home.

Piping bags

Piping bags are used to apply semi-solid foods: creams, mayonnaise, spreads, sauces and stuffing and also to decorate cakes and cookies. We offer two types of piping bags: disposable and reusable. This product is dedicated to the food industry and HoReCa.

Disposable piping bags
Mini clipband in a mask

Profiling clamps for protective masks

Wires for protective masks are used to shape the profile of the nose area and to maintain it. A correctly fitted mask results in better protection. The wires are suitable for disposable and reusable face masks. Our flexible wires ensure a perfect fit for your masks.

Absorbent pads

Absorbent pads effectively absorb liquids released from products, extending their shelf life and significantly improving their appearance. They are used for fresh meat, fish, and fruits. The type and size of the pads are adjusted to the specific product and packaging.
Absorbent pads