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Cable ties/zip ties

Cable ties are a type of fastener intended for holding items together, primarily electrical cables and wires. Cable tie consists of a flexible tape with an integrated gear rack, and on one end a ratchet within a small open case
Our products are made of Polyamide 66 (PA66). Operating temperature range: -35 ° C to + 85 ° C.
Black zip ties are UV resistant

Can be fastened manually or by using special tools

Construction, installation, electrical, automotive, events and fairs, industry, gardening, household, photovoltaics.

There are many available sizes: width starts from 2,5 mm to 9 mm, length from 100 mm to 760 mm
Available colours: neutral, black.

Other colors and sizes available upon special order.

Sets of 100 pcs.

Available sets:

  • Classic – a set of identical bands in a pack,
  • Mix – an innovative set of various sizes of bands in one package.