Dwie rolki twistband leżące obok siebie

Plastic twistband on reels

Plastic band reinforced with a single wire placed in the middle

Suitable for semi-automatic and automatic machines.

The food industry (bakery, confectionery, dried fruits, pasta, sweets and snacks, coffee and tea, healthy food), candles and decorations, protective masks, anti-virus and surgical masks, gardening and agriculture, households, services and industry, electronics.

500 m wire thickness of 0,56 mm (1/56)
600 m wire thickness of 0,44 mm (1/44)
1000 m wire thickness of 0,44 mm (1/44) and wire thickness of 0,56 mm (1/56)
1250 m wire thickness of 0,44 mm (1/44)

Available colours: white, black.

Other colours available upon special request.

Depending on the length of a roll.

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