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Mission & Values


We are improving life of the greatest number of people possible by providing high quality, functional closures for packaging which are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


In our business we are guided by unchanging principles which are as follows:


We can fully utilize our knowledge and skills in developing products and organizing each stage of our business activity.

We are professional.


We are flexible when it comes to changes. We are constantly looking for better, more efficient ways of dealing with challenges.

We are constantly improving.


We are characterized by reliability so typical for Great Poland. Customers and co-workers know that they can always rely on us.

We do things the way they should be done.


We create a good team. We are committed to our job, we use all the intellect we have and positive emotions.

We are involved because we think it is worth it.

Human Rights Policy

Building a market economy in Poland is linked to the necessity of adhering to the principles of ethics and culture in entrepreneurship. Dantom sp. z o.o. strives for honesty and integrity in its business activities.

The organization does not exploit child labor.

The organization does not employ workers below the age of 16.

No person under the age of 18 is employed in dangerous or arduous work, except in cases compliant with national legislation and regulations.

The organization does not engage in forced or obligatory labor.

Employment relations are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without threat of penalty.

The organization does not tolerate any practices indicative of forced or obligatory labor, including, but not limited to, the following practices:

• Physical and sexual violence

• Slavery

• Withholding of payments / including payment for work or deposit for employment commencement

• Restriction of mobility/movement

• Detention of passports and identity documents

• Threat of reporting/exposing to authorities

The organization ensures that there is no discrimination in employment and the practice of professions.

Employment and professional practices are non-discriminatory. The organization respects the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Employees have the opportunity to establish or join workers’ organizations of their choice.

The organization respects the complete freedom of workers’ organizations in creating their own statutes and principles.

The organization respects the rights of workers to engage in lawful activities related to the formation, joining, or supporting of workers’ organizations, or refraining from such; and will not discriminate or penalize employees for exercising these rights.

The organization conducts negotiations with legally established workers’ organizations and/or duly elected representatives, in good faith and with the best effort to achieve a collective agreement.

The organization respects the right of workers to associate.