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Opakowania z kawą i herbatą zamknięte papierowym clipbandem w kolorze złotym

Frequently asked questions

Clipband & Twistband

Clipband is a tape reinforced with two wires running on the edges. It is used for closing paper or plastic packaging. It is made of polypropylene and two low carbon steel wires.

Clipband is a plastic tape reinforced by 2 wires on its edges. It is made of polypropylene and 2 low carbon steel wires. It is widely used for closing bagged foods like bread, cookies, pasta, coffee or tea. Other uses include decorations, gardening or protective medical masks just to name a few.

Twistband is a tape reinforced with a single wire in the middle. It is made of polypropylene and a low carbon steel wire. It’s most commonly used in the food industry for closing bag packaging. Other applications include industry or protective medical masks manufacturing.

Our tapes can be used by semi and fully automatic packaging machines mainly in the food industry. It can also be used in machines used to manufacture medical masks.


Although we do hold and manufacture a standard color palette of our products, clipbands and twistbands can be manufactured in any color upon demand. If you wish to inquire about a non standard color please email or call us.

Yes, the clipband or twistband tape can be cut into custom length clips starting from 40mm, with a step of 5mm, up to a 300mm. The length of the clips will determine how many items can be fitted into a single box for shipping. 

U-clip is a paper or plastic clipband tape cut into U-shaped clips. U-clips are mainly used for food packaging. They need to applied by hand. The size of a u-clip determines how many items can be fitted into a single box for shipping. 

Clipband tape can be cut into a u-clip in following lengths: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm. 

A Single box can fit 5 clipband reels. One Euro pallet holds 30 boxes (150 reels) 

  • National Institute of Public Health certificate 
  • microbiological test results 
  • OML (Overall Migration Test) Certificate/migration test results
  • technical specification sheet 
  • certificate of melting temperature 
  • certificate of Hartman manufacturer 

Samples of our products can be sent to customers. If you wish to receive a sample pack please contact

Cable Ties

Black Zip-ties are more resistant to UV radiation. They are made from Polyamide 66 (PA66) with addition of polycarbonate A, which results in higher durability and resistance to weather elements. 

Our Zip-ties can be used outdoor in temperatures between -35C and +85C. it is highly recommended that the installation is carried out in temperature above 0C. 

Zip-tie application is very wide. The main purpose is organizing wire and cable bundles. It can be used for many purposes and in many different industries : construction, installation, electrical, automotive, events and fairs, industry, gardening, household, photovoltaics.

We offer black and neutral (white) zip-ties. 

Cable glands

Yes, cable glands come with a sealing nut included, they also come with a sealing grommet. The body is made from Polyamide 66 (PA66) – resistant to weather conditions, self-extinguishing and halogen-free. Grommets are made from TPR thermoplastic rubber – halogen-free, gasket – PVC. 

Piping Bags

  • National Institute of Public Health certificate 
  • technical specification sheet

We offer two types of piping bags – disposable and reusable. Disposable bags are made of LDPE plastic with a thickness of 72 microns. Reusable bags made of nylon with one-side polyurethane coating

Disposable piping bags are sold in bulk boxes of 6 rolls, each roll is individually packed. Nylon bags are sold in bulk boxes of 10, each individually packed in a plastic bag.