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Quality Policy

DANTOM Sp. z o.o. is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality closures for packaging. The company’s mission is to maintain the highest quality of its products and to remain a leader on the market while minimizing the negative impact on the environment, among other things.

DANTOM Quality System makes it possible to improve and control each stage of order fulfillment; starting with customer service, through the production process, storage, shipment of goods, and ending with after-sales service. DANTOM Quality System defines good patterns of conduct, strategic goals of the company, unifies the competencies of employees and internal schemes of operation of each unit. The above-mentioned activities are implemented by acting on the basis of the procedures listed below.

Scope of DANTOM Quality System:
PG-1-01.00.00 – Complaint procedure
PG-2-01.00.00 – Procedure for quality control of products
PG-3-01.00.00 – Procedure for handling glassware
PG-4-01.00.00 – TRACEBILITY procedure
PG-5-01.00.00 – Procedure for new product implementation and sample storage
PG-6-01.00.00 – Procedure for supervising test and measurement equipment and tools PG-7-01.00.00 – Archiving procedure
PG-8-01.00.00 – Procedure for readiness for malfunctions and failures and response to emergencies PG-9-01.00.00 – Procedure for collection of receivables
PG-10-01.00.00 – 5S cleaning procedure
PG-11-01.00.00 – Logistics documentation procedure
PG-12-01.00.00 – Procedure for line handling and training of new employee
PG-13-01.00.00 – Order processing procedure
PG-14-01.00.00 – Warehousing and storage procedure, inventory rules, equipment inventory PG-15-01.00.00 – Procedure for management of employee clothing
PG-16-01.00.00 – Procedure – List of suppliers
PG-17-01.00.00 – Purchasing procedure
PG-18-01.00.00 – Invoicing procedure
PG-19-01.00.00 – Procedure for customer documentation
PG-20-01.00.00 – Customer service procedure based on ITC and OPTIMA programs.


28.06.2023, Poznań